1. Safe motherhood program: Safe motherhood program has been running as per the rules & regulations of the government of Nepal (after the MOU between District Health Office and Nobel). Mothers get free service in normal delivery, complicated delivery and cesarean section. Rs. 500/-, 1000/- and 1500/- as transport facility is given to mothers at the time of discharge.

Record showing the number of cases in last fiscal year (2071/72)

S. No. Particular Number of Cases
1 Normal Delivery 5497
2 Completed Delivery 207
3 LSCS (Cesarean Section) 2001
  Total 7705
  1. DOTs program: Directly Observed Treatment short course (DOTs) program is also free service for tuberculosis patients under the government’s program.
  2. Family planning/Immunization program: Free family planning, immunization program at the Nobel is also supportive to service consumer of the locality and new babies born at the hospital.
  3. Free services including diagnostic services, surgeries provided to different community people worth NRs. 6,61,26,620.00 in the last fiscal year 2071/72.

Free medical and dental camp conducted in different parts of the region: 761 camps till date in collaboration with local organizations, government offices. In the camp free check up, basic lab test, USG are done. Referred patients from camps are given free/subsidized services in the hospital.