An IRC is a board, committee, or other group formally designated by an institution to review research involving humans as well as non human subjects. In compliance with NHRC regulations, Nobel Medical College and Teaching Hospital has established an Institutional Review Committee (IRC) to oversee its obligations with respect to human participants as well as non human participants.

IRCs have authority to approve, require modification to, or disapprove all research activities covered following initial approval. IRCs must conduct periodic reviews of such research.

NMCTH values and promotes its collaborative role in research and is committed to the quality of research.

For the standard of research, we believe that research conducted within the institute jurisdiction  needs the highest scientific, technical, ethical as well as legal standards.

The review process of the IRC of this college is to ensure that clinical research conducted at either of the department of NMCTH would be under the strict supervision and monitoring process in the scientific way.

Formation of IRC is as per the standard rule of NHRC.

Download : IRC-Proposal-Format